Fairyology is the study of fairy’s or faeries.The word faerie is derived from the Latin word ‘fatae’ meaning fates . Fey is derived from the Roman Goddess of fate ,Fey means possessing clairvoyance or second sight .  Faeries  are the angels of nature and protect the plants , trees, flowers and animals they remain very close to the earth . They are very social  and love to party . They love to connect with people who take care of the environment and animals. They love for you to go around picking up rubbish and tidying up areas of natural beauty .

Faeries can be found in nature , woods and gardens , they like a natural garden with wild flowers and a patch of grass that is long . You can encourage faeries into your garden by planting brightly colored flowers , such as marigolds and sunflowers . leave the grass longer in one area , for them to play and hide .Faeries  love shiny items , so they love for you to hang crystals and wind spinners  from trees .

Faeries  value truth and will redress the heavenly scales of balance . They love to give good fortune to the deserving , and will give lessons to anyone they think needs to be taught a lesson . When you first meet the faeries they will scan your aura to see if you are pure of heart . Children have a special connection to faeries , due to their innocence .

Faeries love trees and their favorite ones are oak, elder, birch, rowan, hazel and apple, as well as blackberry bushes and gooseberry bushes . Faeries love field mice, birds, bats, insects and hedgehogs and appreciate it when we look after the wild life .

Faeries will encourage you to lead a natural life . and to use products that are environmentally friendly . Faeries will encourage you to follow a vegan diet rich in organic fruit and vegetables .

Faeries love to help us and Faerie readings are available . The readings are recorded onto CD . for you to listen to in the comfort of your home .  . For details contact us at archangeltherapies@gmail.comfairy