Services we offer.

Chakra Balancing and Realignment .

Balanced chakras are vital for health and well being . when your chakras are out of line it causes many health issues . leaving you feeling drained and ill .A CD is available from the CD shop The archangels will  help you balance your chakras .



Angelic Cord Cutting.

Have you ever felt you where being held back in life ? We are attached to all things in life , work ,people, situations . Angelic cord cutting releases you from all the attachments that are no longer serving you , leaving you feeling lighter with more energy . A CD is available from the CD shop. Archangel Micheal will help you release unwanted attachments


Aura Clearing.

As we go about our daily lives we pick up rubbish and problems from other people and situation we are involved in . This leaves you feeling drained and tired . Archangel Micheal will help you remove this from your Aura leaving you feeling refreshed and restoring your energy .A CD is available from the CD shop .


Spiritual Healing.

Spiritual healing , this type of healing comes from spirit  , to you . The energy knows where to go , and can be performed remotely . We offer this service free . The energy is sent to you on Thursdays . Which is Archangel Raphael’s day , so traditionally , Thursday’s are healing days . The healing is free to anyone who wishes to receive it . Just email your details to us at : archangeltherapies@gmail.com

All healing is complementary and should be used in conjunction with any medical treatment you are receiving .Please always follow your doctors advice ,